Yamato Sakurai
has a modern relic of millennial time
with multi-dimensional scramble crossway,
forwarded to the past.

About Yamato Sakurai

The history of Yamato-Sakurai originated from the period of Yamato Empire in retrospect.  In those time, it was called “Iware” and often chosen as the ancient palace of the Emperor.
Omiwa shrine is located at the north of Yamato-Sakurai, Tanzan shrine is at the south, Hase temple is at the east, Abe-Monjuin is at the west, respectively. Therefore, Yamato-Sakurai is filled with spiritual energy from all of them. 
Furthermore, this town receives affuluent water and clean air from the Yoshino mountains.
There you can feel a relaxed and mysterious atmosphere. You can also enjoy a unique history, an ancient-rooted culture and many blessings of nature.
This place, which used to be called “Iware”, has accumulated 1700 years of history and is surrounded by Osaka, Kyoto and Ise.
Yamato-Sakurai has a modern relic of millenary pass of time with multi-dimensional scramble crossway, forwarded to the past.

The history of “OURIN-TEI”

Yoshino cedar and cypress are one of the oldest planted forests with history of over 500 years since the era of Majesty Hideyoshi Toyotomi.
Yamato-Sakurai had flourished as the field of lumbering industry for a long time, and many lumber dealers had their offices around the station. Mr.Tomita was one of them. We renovated his old mansion which had been inherited since the Meiji period and turned it into Ourin-tei. Therefore, this inn is preserving the style of Japanese mansion, that has traditional oriented garden to enjoy four seasons, orthodox tearoom, two big warehouses, living room surrounded by the corridors, which is called “Sukiya style”.
Mixture of simplicity, beauty, and sophistication is attractively coming to you, with the atmosphere of Meiji and Taisho style mansion. Enjoy the space filled with the scent of Japanese cypress at the warehouse to utilize as the bathroom and bedroom. You may recognize significance why we preserve the Japanese sense of beauty that the old lumber merchants used to love.