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Privacy Policy

Our company acknowledges that we are socially responsible for protecting all personal information provided by our customers etc. (“our customers etc.” hereon refers to customers of our service, client companies, and persons who apply for job openings). We thereby establish this policy, and guarantee strict implementation and thorough education of this policy to all of our employees.

  • 1. Purpose of this Privacy Policy
  • This policy aims to enforce the strict protection of private information in order to provide security to our customers etc. on a constant basis.
  • 2. Types of Private Information
  • The private information that we gather may include first and last names, address, phone number, email address, date of birth, and gender, as well as information that we deem integral in the provision of services, transaction, or recruitment.
  • 3. Use of Private Information
  • The private information of customers etc. may be used for the following purposes:Customers- To send information or notices directly- To send out questionnaires in order to further improve our company’s servicesClient companies- To send information or notices directlyTo persons who apply for job openings- To send them recruitment information, and for recruiting activities in general
  • 4. Handling of Private Information
  • (1)Private information of customers etc. will be handled properly and carefully. Adequate safeguard measures will be implemented in order to prevent leakage, loss, misuse, manipulation, and unauthorized access. In case of interception of information that is provided to us online, we will make efforts to secure safety by using security technologies such as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption, as necessary.
  • (2)On some occasions, private information may be partially entrusted to third parties in order to improve our company’s services, or for the convenience of our customers etc. In these circumstances, we will instruct and supervise the entrusted parties to ensure that the information is adequately handled.
  • 5. Strict Observance of the Law
  • In order to ensure the proper protection of private information, our company strictly adheres to the Personal Information Protection Act. In addition, we will continually strive to improve our compliance program, and maintain our best condition via internal audits and so on.
  • 6. Respecting the Right of our Customers etc.
  • Our company respects the rights of our customers etc., and guarantees that we will answer to all enquiries regarding the disclosure/correction/erasure of private information, as well as complaints regarding information management. (As a rule, private information concerning recruitment will not be returned. However, we ensure that the information is handled properly).

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